My family and I – a project for grades 5b and 10a

It’s always very exciting when the fifthgraders do their family project: everyone brings pictures to school, showing family members – mum, dad, the cat…. . The task is to speak about the family and tell some little stories about what mum likes to eat, what dad’s favourite music is, how funny the cat is etc. Thinking of speaking in front of the class makes everyone a little nervous, and it’s a real challenge – no notes allowed! This is why grade 5b invited grade 10a into their English lesson. Every fifthgrader paired with a tenthgrader to test-try the family presentations. Everyone worked hard: The younger kids with doing all the speaking, the older ones with listening and giving advice on pronunciation.

It was a fun lesson for the students of both grades, and they used this activity not only to brush up on their English, but also on their social skills.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for successful presentations!

grades 5b + 10a